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Are you looking for a back pain specialist or an orthopedic doctor for

lower back pain?

If you are looking for a back pain specialist or an orthopedic doctor to check your lower back pain/stiffness, PLEASE WAIT. The majority of you out there are just putting too much pressure on your lower back muscles/spine because the surrounding muscles are just not strong enough or not moving properly. I have had amazing success with my clients by following the same process for everyone. You basically mobilize the hip joint & hamstrings and strengthen the hips, butt and abs. Then start developing your lower back muscles. By investing 5 - 10mins per day, you can be pain free soon!

Slipped discs, herniated discs, sciatica, etc. caused by improper spinal alignment or by putting too much pressure on the spine because the surrounding muscles are not strong enough, can all be fixed. I would avoid injections if you can. Massage may also only provide temporary relief. You will still have to strengthen the surrounding muscles in order to reduce the pressure on your back.

If you are suffering from a sharp pain in your lower back or lumbago and can barely move, decompress your spine first. Ill show you some light movements below to try. If you feel a relief great! Continue trying these movement daily, several times per day until you are able to move freely again. Then you can start strengthening the surrounding muscles. If the pain does get worse during these light movements, please visit a orthopedic doctor for a check up.

Tips for lower back pain

1. Decompress

If you are suffering from a sharp lower back pain and can hardly move, decompress the spine first with light stretches. Again, if you feel relief while doing these stretches continue. If it gets worse, please visit an orthopedic doctor. Do these stretches daily until your back gets better. Then start strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Childs Pose

2. Keep moving

It's so important to keep moving with mild back pain. If your pain is severe, DO NOT SIT! Try decompressing your spine with the stretches above. As soon as you can, start moving. Stretches, walking and exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles.

3. No Extension

I know you may think you need to strengthen your back. Depending on whether your back is overactive or weak, most likely strengthening it will help. But DON'T start with your back and do extensions. Start with your hamstring and hip mobility. Also strengthen your abs, hips and glutes. Then start to strengthen your posterior chain with the best exercise for your back end. Deadlifts or 1 legged deadlifts.


5. Mobilize hamstrings

If your hamstring don't move your lower back will have to. If your hamstrings can move properly, your back won't have to.

Studio Fitness
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4. Strengthen Core

Your core muscles are designed to stabilize the pelvis and protect your spine. Your butt, hips, abs and back all work together to achieve this. Its important to strengthen all, not just one. However, because we sit for longer hours, your butt may be the weakest and need the most attention.

Side Lunge

6. Strengthen posterior chain

Your hamstring, butt and back all work together and make up the posterior chain. If one is weak, the others will have to take over the workload. If all muscles are active and strong, strengthen your posterior chain with the best exercise, the deadlift. But first make sure you have strong glutes and hamstrings.

Try the Healthy Back Video Series

What do the majority of people with lower back pain have in common? They are stuck in a position for a long time. Whether if it is standing or sitting for hours at a time. I have been training people for over 10 years. When I first started, I was shocked at how many people could not just activate or squeeze a certain muscle. To me, this was a basic ability that I thought everyone should have. IT IS NOT!! There are so many of us that come from a sedentary lifestyle and were never required to use certain muscles designed to stabilize the pelvis, taking pressure off of the back. I also realized that I just repeat myself the whole day! So I decided to release this 6 part video series with simple tests and exercise routines that I have used with my clients to help you prevent and relieve your lower back pain.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Access to the 6 part video series

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Assessment & Routine with me

Access to the 6 part video series

This video series made me realize how unfit I am! The exercises seemed easy when watching the videos. But actually doing them was a whole different story!!

- Chris

Wow I feel my Butt again!! My back feels stronger. Thanks Patrick.

- Sarah

What is included?

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Access to a community to post questions and get answers directly from me. Let me know how your progress is going or if your having a difficult time activating a muscle!

6 part video series that you can access on any device. Just log in and follow the routine.

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Healthy lower back 6 part series

In this 6-part series you will learn how to prevent and relieve back pain by activating & strengthening the surrounding muscles and increasing the range of motion in your hips and hammstrings. Here is an overview of each video:
1. The side effects of sitting
2. How to control your pelvis and test for glute/abdominal activation
3. Back/glute strengthening routine
4. Ab strengthening routine
5. Hamstring mobility routine
6. Hip mobility routine

You can also join the Healthy back group and ask questions, give feedback and interact with others. I will be guiding you throughout this process, so please reach out if you need assistance during the series.