What is it?
SMFR is a type of corrective flexibility designed to correct muscle imbalances and improve joint alignment. It is a technique used to remove knots from muscles; these knots can form during vigorous exercise or stressful activities (such has long periods of sitting).
How is it done?
It incorporates the use of a foam roll or cylindrical object and body pressure to massage muscles and decrease micro-adhesions that lead to the formation of muscle knots.

What are the side effects of knots?
Knots that are left untreated make muscles inflexible and tight and decrease a muscle's ability to function and contract properly. Knots can also cause chronic muscle tension, joint pain and poor posture.
What are the benefits for you?


  • Improves the efficiency of neuromuscular interactions

  • Improves joint alignment

  • Reduces muscle knots

  • More effective muscles