step 1 measure

Test your current fitness level and body composition (Body Fat & Muscle %). You can also try the Lifestyle Assessment test to track your current stress-levels and recovery.

step 2


Set goals to improve overall fitness, specifically focusing on weak areas. Learn about simple ways to improve your eating habits.

Step 3

work out

Follow a personalized routine week after week.

Step 4




Personal Training


Couples & Friends (up to 3 participants)

Small group training is a great and fun way to compete against your friends and family while splitting the costs.

Workout plan & Nutritional guidelines

For a more affordable short-term option, I will analyze your current training and eating habits and develop a personalized 6 - 8 week plan for you to follow. It is important however to keep your self motivated.

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Personal training will take place in Duisburg at the studio (Kammerstrasse 62, 47057 Duisburg).

To find out more about the different personal training services (ex. Mobility, Athletic training) click here: Personal Training Services