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One week

All about you

Our Mental and Physical fitness

has been suffering!


37% of employees in Germany reported feeling a burnout at work. This number rose to 53% if employees were dissatisfied with the amount of work flexibility they had.

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Musculoskeletal issues such as back, shoulder and knee pain have increased.


The number of psychotherapists needed is increasing.


The overweight and obesity rates have been increasing.

Change your habits with the personal training retreat

My goal with the one-week personal training retreat is to help you get away from your current daily routine and learn new ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, while you are working.


Home office away from home

get out of your comfortable environment and stay at one of our simple apartments for your transformation.


Testing your current


Body Composition analysis and mobility test. Lets check your weight, Fat %, Muscle %, blood pressure. We will also analyze your posture and movement to see what weak areas you may have.

Developing good habits

Learn to incorporate good eating habits, cooking properly for yourself, taking mental breaks, becoming unavailable/focusing on yourself, adding simple exercises throughout the day to improve weaknesses and just being more active

Nutritional Cooking

Personal Training sessions

some PT sessions to help push you to your limits

Personal training session.jpg

Up to 50k throughout the week

Lets walk through beautiful walking trails, focusing on yourself, your goals, what may be holding you back and how to move forward

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Working from the floor

Learn how to work from the floor to improve your posture and to increase your mobility

Give me a call for more info or just email me here

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