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Rediscover your fit and active self! 🏋️‍♂️ Life, family, and work may have taken over, but I'm here to guide you back to a healthier you in just 15 minutes a day.

If you sit a lot, have a bad posture, pain in your back or joints, are unsure what to do, want to move healthier through life and feel stronger, then I can help you.

How it works?


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Fill out the form below and let's schedule a Zoom meeting to kickstart your transformation. Either on WhatsApp or via Email



Take a quick self-assessment to pinpoint your weak areas, enabling me to craft your personalized 15-minute routine.


Get fit again

Achieve your fitness goals with my expert guidance, daily accountability, and the cultivation of healthier habits.

Why choose my coaching program?


Ready to move pain-free, enhance your posture, build strength, boost conditioning, and achieve a healthy weight? Most struggle with these goals because they're aiming in the wrong direction. My approach shifts focus: it's not just about strength, but strengthening specific areas like the upper back for posture or quads/hips for knee health. It's not just about losing weight, but nourishing your body to reduce inflammation and fat storage.

My coaching program identifies your weak spots and targets them daily, transforming your habits for lasting change. With just 1-2 exercises per area, you'll see remarkable progress. I'll guide you through correct technique, hold you accountable, and ensure you're consistently improving. Let's make progress together!


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About me


From 12 - 22, it was my dream to make it to the NBA. I practiced every day,  studied improving strength, jumping ability, how to put on muscle, improve my conditioning and everything else.


Well, I didn’t make it =).


After I didn’t make it. I was left with lifting and no basketball. I started to lift heavy, take supplements and build lots of muscle.


Then I had a serious health scare, that has impacted me for the rest of my life. This forced me to step away from fitness (at least what I thought fitness was: lifting heavy, pushing yourself to the limit, being better than everyone at everything, stronger, faster).


It was then that I realized, I never loved “fitness”. I actually no longer had a use for it after basketball as I was no athlete, just a “normal person”. I didn’t want to “workout”anymore.


I told myself however, that I would love to stay/feel fit for the rest of my life without actually having to work out. I needed to figure out what the fundamentals of being fit were? What was I lacking?


Along the way, luckily or unfortunately =), I suffered from tons of injuries. My knees would  swell after every practice, I had an extreme anterior pelvic tilt and a super stiff back (man some days I couldn’t move) and hips, I suffered from shoulder issues and messed up ankles. My digestive system was horrible. And my health honestly, wasn’t that great, even though I could deadlift 220kg and dunk the ball from outside the block.


Because of my injuries, and the issues of my clients (oh I have been a trainer since 2013), I have learned what is required to have a healthy life, feel fit, and move good. And its really not much.


I haven’t “worked out” since 2016 (man time flies) and I can honestly tell you I feel better than ever, both mentally and physically.

Get back to a healthier you

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