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Stop sitting all day
and get fit while working at your desk

Learn how to create a healthy workspace with the movemento pad

There is no healthy way to

sit in a chair all day

You are probably aware that we are sitting in chairs too much. We sit at work, traveling, at home, when we eat and consume entertainment. This leads to us:

  • becoming completely weak and stiff

  • developing a poor posture

  • losing our core muscles

  • developing a poorer digestive system

After some time, this may cause pain, especially in the joints.

You can prevent this from happening by pushing the chair aside from time to time and just getting down on the floor again. The floor offers the possibility for so many different positions. We need core strength and mobility in the ankles and hips to work on the floor. Since it often becomes uncomfortable or tiring in one position over time, we are also forced to change positions. We are forced to move!

The movemento pad is a tool to make sitting on the floor easier. It can be used while working at your desk to stand/balance and kneel/sit in various positions. It can also be used as an exercise tool to strengthen your entire body and mobilize your joints. All of this, while you are working at your desk.

It is made of a 5mm thick cork layer and high quality foam. Cork has antibacterial properties and does not absorb odors. It is naturally elastic which makes it comfortable when kneeling or standing on it.

The 5mm thick cork layer provides more stability than a typical balance pad which makes it more versatile. 


the movemento
balance pad

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