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MoveWell: Master The Fundamentals

A video-based program that includes a list of the most effective exercises to help you master the fundamentals of movement, which will allow you to move freely. 


Do you have achievable fitness goals?

Unfortunately, the fitness industry puts too much pressure on us, leaving us overwhelmed and confused. We do not need a 6 pack, deadlift 300kg, go on crazy diets, workout 5 times per week or do handstand push ups. However, we should strive for a weight that does not have a negative impact on our health, be mentally strong and have the ability to move freely. Can we squat down to pick something up pain free, carry groceries up the stairs, walk down the stairs without knee pain or move through life without back pain while having a good posture? Many of us are lacking the fundamentals needed to move properly. Our current sedentary lifestyle is the #1 issue causing the majority of these imbalances and makes it hard to improve.

Proper upper spine mobility, abdominal strength, hip mobility, quad strength and ankle mobility is the foundation needed to move freely. If you are unsure what your weak areas are, click here to find out.

The video-based exercise program

I created a video-based program with a list of the most effective exercises to improve your ability to move. Many people feel discouraged by overly complex and lengthy routines. Many routines lose focus, are too long and include unnecessary elements. If you have a bad back because of a weak butt, just train your butt, its that simple. Focusing on one exercise per day for 30seconds - 2mins, 1 - 3 times per day, is all you need to improve and start moving freely.


The Benefits

  1. Targeted exercises that help improve your weak areas. This will help you focus on something and not just exercise without a goal. If you have a forward slouch and shoulder pain, running 3x per week will not help.

  2. No Equipment. These exercises can be done anywhere and for the majority require nothing. You can replace a balance pad with a pillow or book and an elastic band with either small weights or just by using the weight of your arms (which can be more than enough).

  3. One Exercise per day. I want you to focus on only one exercise per day that will take you a maximum of 2 mins, 2 - 3 times per day. Many exercises can be done during work, short breaks, while brushing your teeth, in the morning before breakfast or after work. Do not stress yourself with long and complex routines.

  4. Progressive Difficulty Levels. The exercises will progress in difficulty. Once the exercise becomes easy for you, just switch to the more difficult one, at your own pace with no pressure. Work your way up to mastering the 5 fundamentals of movement and start moving pain free

  5. Community access. Join a group where you can post questions, concerns or just share your progress. You will also be able to Email me at any point. I want to make sure you are improving.

About Me

From pro athlete to desk job to trainer, I learned that motivating yourself to stay fit can be challenging. As an athlete, all you do is worry about working out and improving at your sport. This can lead to over-training and injury. As an office worker, I completely lost motivation to do any type of physical activity because I didn't have specific fitness goals anymore, so I was completely lost. I was also surrounded by people who weren't so health conscious and sat a lot. 

Suffering from back pain to the point I couldn't move, knees that would swell up and needed regular icing, a torn Achilles, shoulder issues from improper posture, anterior pelvic tilt, and the list goes on....  has allowed me to understand what the body really needs. My goal now is to stay fit while doing the least!! Through my years of training clients, I have figured out the most effective way to stay fit and move pain free.               


Whats included

You will be receiving an Email with a link to a programs overview page. You can access this page from any device. 

Here is a list of the video programs focusing on one exercise per day:

  • upper spine mobility

  • abdominal strength

  • hip mobility

  • quad strength

  • ankle mobility

You will also have access to the following video programs:

  • working from the floor

  • how to do a proper push up

  • upper body routine for a better posture

  • how to use resistance bands

If you are interested in the movemento balance pad that includes a 5mm cork layer click here


Best Value

MoveWell Video Program



Master the fundamentals of movement, improve your posture, reduce pain and move freely

Lifetime access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Group access to post questions, concerns or feedback

Email me at any time

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