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Do you every wonder how you'll be when your older? How fit you'll be?

I know that only “old” people say this, but age aint nothing but a number, right?

Trust me, for the most part, this is true. Ive seen people in their 20s, man even younger, who were so out of shape that they looked “old” based on how they moved. Ive also seen people in their 70s, who were so fit they seemed much younger.

Its not about how wrinkly your skin is on the outside, but how you feel on the inside.

Ask yourself, where do I want to be when I’m older? How fit do I want to be? Am I doing enough now to prevent myself from feeling old?

If you are not, please start now while you have time and are still “young”, to develop a healthy lifestyle. Trust me, you don’t need to be able to do muscle ups, run a marathon, lift 200kg, or go on crazy diets to live a healthy lifestyle. You just need to:

- listen to your body when it comes to food. You have to eat anyway right? So just eat the right things. Eat food that your body doesn’t react to. Trust me, if you stop, relax and listen, your body will tell you what it likes and does not like. Improve your relationship with food. I know this is the hardest one. But if you listen to your body, it becomes much easier.

- invest 5mins a day for strength. If you have weak areas, it may be a bit more. Just focus on your weaknesses

- Sit down on the floor when you get a chance. I cannot say this enough people. I hope you know that sitting long periods and inactivity is the cause of the majority of our issues.

- include more activity throughout your day. Get your heart rate up. For example bike back home 2x per week, run to the train stop, park a little further away from home and carry your groceries, do garden work…… and there are tons of other things that you can do.

- work on your mindset.

That’s all you need. Trust me, its soo easy!! Just get into the habit!!

Now, if you are like how I used to be, and you are working out like crazy and are super fit, and you feel uncomfortable when you miss a WORK out, and you have to be stronger, better, faster than the next person, and you have to see every muscle in your body when you look at yourself in the mirror

Ask yourself, is this sustainable? Ill cover this some other time.

Hopefully I can inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle and start feeling good.

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