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Do you need a Personal trainer to get fit? You are just paying for accountability, is it worth it?

I think we all need a little motivation sometimes to get and stay fit. If it’s a training partner that makes you feel bad for not joining a workout, a plyometric trainer that helps you improve your jumping ability to improve your game or a nutritionist that will help you lose some weight by telling you what to eat, sometimes we cannot do it alone.

You may be struggling to reach your goals or are confused on where to start. Let’s see if a PT

can help you.

Let me ask you one really important question. Do you want to rely on a PT for the rest of your life?

I am assuming your answer is NO =). You may consider a PT to help you reach your goals. Once you have reached your goals, you will most likely stop training with the trainer and start working out yourself. If you are unsure of what those goals are or should be, check this post out here for some help. Sometimes we want more than we really need. But its super important you have clear goals before you start your fitness journey otherwise you'll be all over the place.

Whats the purpose of a PT?


So what is the purpose of a PT then if you shouldn’t rely on one? Cant you just go on Google and type in “how to get fit”? You absolutely can. Even though all of the information is available online, the internet cannot replace one thing a trainer will provide: accountability.


For some, the trainer can also help you with motivation and to stay motivated during your training, especially when it gets difficult. However, not for everyone. If you are not motivated to

workout yourself, DO NOT start with a trainer. If you are not really motivated to make a change or you are maybe getting outside pressure from your family & friends or society/social media and the motivation is not really coming from you, don’t waste your time/money working out with a trainer, trust me. You will just stress yourself because YOU don’t really want it.


If you are working with an expert in a specific field, example weight loss or handstand

improvement, a trainer could make the process of reaching your goals much faster. This information is available online however, and if you put in the work, you can find all the info.

Reasons why people workout with a trainer

If you have a goal, are motivated to make a change and you want to get held accountable by a trainer, lets see if a PT is right for you. Here are the typical reasons why people want to start working out with a PT:

- You want to lose weight

- You want to feel better/move better, feel stronger.

- You want to build muscle to reduce pain for example in your knees, back or shoulders

- You want to accomplish a fitness goal: run a marathon, learn to do a handstand or a pull up

- You want to improve your athletic ability for a specific sport

Relieving stress

Unfortunately, there is a large majority of people who workout because they want to relieve stress. The feeling of “getting away” from their stress and completely exhausting their bodies. I don’t think it’s a good idea to work out with a PT to relieve your stress. Its not sustainable. I’d recommend working on resolving your stress (I know this is definitely easier said than done). Do not stress yourself with an additional appointment 1 – 2 times per week.

Is a PT right for me and my goal?

Let’s go through the specific goals mentioned above. I think the big one is working out with a trainer to lose weight. Let me remind you, the only thing the trainer can do is hold you accountable, especially when it comes to weight loss. If a nutritionist or trainer gives you a meal plan to follow, you still have to do it yourself. Ill cover this topic in another post.

If you have a specific goal of reducing pain or building muscle to feel better and make everyday activities easier, than working out with a trainer could be a good idea for you. But remember, its important you are motivated yourself as well. Working out with a trainer once per week for 1 hour total, however sitting and not being active for the remainder of the week appx 111 hours (I hope I calculated this right =), does not make much sense.

Get ready!

So if you have a goal and are motivated to make a change, working out with a PT can definitely help you reach your goals. Remember, you are basically paying for being held accountable. Motivation has to come from within you. The information of reaching your goal can be found online for free, with time and proper research. If you are ready to work with a trainer and get started, keep following. My next post will teach you how to choose a good trainer and what to expect from the sessions.

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